Meet the Maker Girl Got Bag

Girl Got Bag

Handmade in Manchester, United Kingdom

Hello and welcome to Girl Got Bag, the home of handmade bags and accessories.

I am Caroline the founder, designer and maker behind girl got bag based in Manchester, United Kingdom. I am passionate about sewing and fabrics and have been since childhood. My dad is an artist and photographer and have grown up with a love of colour and print. My mum was a seamstress and would make dresses for me growing up - which I loved. This love for sewing stayed with me and I originally started by making dresses, clothes and accessories for myself. I loved the possibilities of creating anything I wanted in any colour, style or finish. My other passion and weakness is for bags and purses (and shoes!!) and I never seem to be satisfied!

My handmade bag and jewellery business really started by accident and it all started with a book! One Christmas I was given a book as a gift from my husband about making your own bags and purses. This was something I hadn't really thought about previously and not before long I was creating bags and purses for myself to go with any outfit. I then started getting requests to make them for friends and family. 

After avidly making many bags and purses I started to run out of space for my creations. I then began to think about selling them online so I set up an online shop in 2014. At first it was just a hobby but when I give up work after the birth of my second son I decided it was time to focus on my handmade dream and turn it into a business.

Several years later I am an experienced designer and maker of bags and purses and I love using different fabrics, designs and styles. I also now create my own jewellery and accessories. Everything featured in my shop is made by me using my own hands in my home studio. I source everything myself and if it isn't good enough and meet my high standards -  it doesn't get used to make my items. I create my own bag and purse pattern templates, I cut the fabric pieces, I interface and sew all the bags and purses from scratch. My designs are all tried and tested before making them available for sale. I make everything with pride, passion, love and care.

Hope you enjoy my creations

Very Best Wishes

Caroline Cope


Creator | Designer | Maker